Tentative Agreement with Safeway reached

The Rockridge Community Planning Council and Berkeleyans for Pedestrian-Oriented Development (BPOD), the two groups who appealed the Planning Commission's approval of the College Avenue Safeway Project, along with FANS (who was not an appellant), have reached a tentative settlement with Safeway.

The settlement reduces the size of the project by 8,000 sq. ft.  It also moves the Safeway store down to ground level, with screened rooftop parking, and opens up a pedestrian plaza east of 63rd St. between College & Claremont.  Safeway has agreed to eliminate the project’s parking deficit, as well as to pay for residential permit parking within the surrounding two-block area.  There are numerous other benefits included in the settlement. The settlement was reached as a result of a mediation effort undertaken by District One Council Member Jane Brunner.

The Terms and Conditions

Revised Safeway Project Approved

As a result of another all day meeting between Safeway and the community group representatives on Monday December 17th a deal was reached and an agreement executed. Both sides spent a considerable amount of time and energy over the last five weeks to come to terms and FANS very much appreciates everyone's efforts.

By unanimous City Council Approval, the revised project, based on the Settlement Agreement between Safeway, RCPC, FANS and Berkeleyans for Pedestrian Oriented Development, was approved on December 18, 2012. While this is not the project that the community wanted, it is also not the project that Safeway wanted. The resulting design is truly a compromise that couldn’t have happened without the community's support and Safeway’s willingness to find common ground. For this FANS thanks each and everyone one of you for your continued support.

Below are links to project drawings that have been presented over the past week:

Site Plan


Elevation Drawings

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